Saturday, March 26, 2011

We are on our way!!!

Welcome to our blog. Joe and I started this blog to share our adoption journey with our family and friends. It's also a great way to record our story to share with Sweet Pea some day. We actually started all of this 2 years ago on 9-9-09, my birthday for anyone who doesn't know. That's when we wrote the first check (the first of many!) and filled out the application (the first of many!). Then we spent months gathering all of the paperwork and documents we would need and completing our home study with a social worker. We requested a little girl, under 24 months with minor correctable needs. Our completed dossier (all that paperwork) was sent to Russia in July of 2010. Within 2 weeks, we were offered a 2 year old little boy. Apparently many more little boys are available- something we didn't know previously or it might have changed our requests. But, at this point, we had our hearts and our minds set on a little girl-- not to mention a thousand dollars worth of girl Gymboree clothes (stock alert--buy Gymboree -and I recently discovered Carters too!) we decided to wait for our girl.
So--then--we do not hear ANYTHING for months and months and months. Out of the blue in February we receive an email from Lorien (from the adoption agency). "Are you interested in siblings?" A girl born in february 2009 and her little brother born in february 2010 were available. We thought about it-for about 5 minutes- checked the bank account(there's no 2 for the price of 1 in adoption!) and said "YES". We started to prepare and even told the family at Sophia's birthday party (did you keep our secret Melanie?). But, 4days later I received a voicemail from Lorien asking me to call her. I couldn't call. Just by the sound of her voice, I knew it wasn't good. I made Joe call. The sibs were not available yet, not all of the family had signed off. Just a mistake. We could wait, but it might be a while. We would be first on the list for them, but would continue to wait for a single girl too.
we are being called to board now. I'll finish this post when we arrive in Chicago.

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  1. It wasn't easy, but I kept the secret as promised!