Sunday, September 4, 2011

Friday, August 26th, 2011

We went to pick up Sweet pea. We were loaded down with 2 more bags of clothes to donate to the baby home (I used the reusable bags from Disney store and packed them full - I am a good little shopper!), the toys we bought yesterday, gifts for the medical director (Godiva chocolates, jewelry and a few little odds-n-ends), gifts for each of the six workers in Sweet pea’s gruppa (bags with things from bath-n-body works and Target and a small box of Frango chocolates from Macy’s) and things for Sweet pea to wear.
And that’s where it stopped…(think screeching brakes noise now…). Little Sweet pea was in a crib up front by herself with socks on her hands and after speaking with the medical director; Ivan came over to us and said, “There’s a little problem…” Sweet pea has scabies, just a few little spots. Now I had just remarked to Joe this morning that I thought she did and I had forgotten to get a script for medicine before we left. I had heard of kids having it in the past, not necessarily from this baby home. I had meant to be prepared, but had forgotten it in the whirlwind week we had. I was going to discuss our option with Ivan. However, now it was confirmed and they had begun treatment-today. Our options were to take her and continue treatment in the hotel or leave her here and let them continue the 5-day treatment. Now I was not familiar with the medicine they were using and I could not make Ivan understand my questions about care and contagiousness. He is primarily a driver, but knows enough to be able to translate in a pinch. We didn’t think we’d need a translator today. As much as it killed us, we thought it would be smart to wait the 5 days and pick Sweet pea up then. How would we deal with scabies in a hotel room? We cannot communicate with most people here and have few resources.
So, we played with Sweet pea there in her gruppa. All of the other babies in the cribs were very interested in us. We smiled at them and cooed a bit. I got to feed Sweet pea her lunch- a stew mixture of potato, bread, meat and veggies, a HUGE bowl of it! It looked pretty good. She ate all but a few bites. She was not interested in the apple juice (in a teacup!) they gave us for her. I cannot believe she is so small with the amount of food she ate but Joe said he was watching the other children being fed. They did not get the whole amount. It was more about the time they got to eat, than the amount of food they had. After that, the kids were put down for a nap so it was time for us to go.
On the way here, I was sad that I would never get to make this trip again, never get to go back to Ussyrick where I first met my little girl. Now, I was sad again. Not only did I not have my little Sweet pea, but also would have to make this long trip again!
The Road to Ussyrick

Our little scabby baby. Cannot show her face until our 10-day waiting period is over.

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